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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

More Sawdust

Work on 53T continues...We filled up the propane tank last night so we're back in business.  Tonight I finished cutting out and getting a rough fit on the big rib so now all the ribs that were removed from the right wing have new replacements.  They look good and the next step is to get them epoxied in place.

While I've been doing this rib work i've been eyeing the trailing edge behind the airbrake.  There is some twisting going on as a result of oversized return springs used on the airbrake.  This torqued the middle rib that runs through the airbrake area.  Of course we replaced the right hand rib.  The left hand rib in the airbrake area was also twisted. Guilt by association I suppose.  Anyway I figured if I could cut out the trailing edge in that section I could have a chance at getting the ribs sorta straight again and back in place.  So, now 3 feet of trailing edge on the right wing are missing.

Looks like it's time to make another order from Aircraft Spruce...

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