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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Cutting Ribs

I haven't made many updates in the last few weeks because we haven't been getting much work done on 53T.  Some winter prep work around the house and in the garage has been my focus.  Specifically i've nearly finished the last bits of insulating that needed done on the walls of the garage.  We'll need to finish the last few pieces of sheetrock on the ceiling so I can finish insulating the season. 

I have had a few chances to cut out a few new ribs for the right wing.  I have two false ribs and the one big main rib remaining to be cut.  Then of course we'll need new skin and filler to get everything smoothed out.  I'm starting to contemplate replacing a section of the trailing edge to attempt to take care of some ribs that are warped.We'll see...

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