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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Cutting wood

I got a chance to get about an hour and half of work in on 53T this evening.  It went pretty well, I put my newly sharpened chisels to work.  Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures but will try to get some tomorrow.

The main problem with the glider is there was no drain hole back in the bottom of the tail in the fuselage.  This is where the vertical stabilizer spar meets the bottom of the fuselage.  So there is plenty of water damage around the lower longerons and the box spar of the vertical stab.  So tonight I started cutting out the wood and plywood that is bad.  I've got more work to do there, then will have to figure out scarf lengths and get new wood to replace the rotted stuff.

It's supposed to warm up this week but of course we're headed to Philly for the SSA Conference. Hopefully next week will be warm too.  Leah and I close on a house next Monday and will start slowly moving in.  It has a 36 x 36 garage that I need to get insulated and heated, which should accelerate my work on our various projects.  We have the restore/recover of 53T and the cedar strip canoe.  I've also adopted a refurbishing project on one of the rowing clubs singles.  Its a 1976 Van Dusen.  The wood frame had cracks in a few places and was warped in others.  So that will mainly just be a cut out and replace job and then put a new cover on it.

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