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Friday, September 24, 2010

VSA Friday

We all had  a blast today. Not much soaring going on but it seems that most everyone got a flight or two in.  Spent the morning assembling gliders and slow but steady tows through the afternoon.  Here is what is on the field as best as I can remember

Ka6CR - Neal Pfeiffer
Ka6E - Neal Pfeiffer
Ka6E - Dave Schuur
Ka6CR - Wichita Soaring Association
ASK-18 - Lee and Mary Cowie
2 Cherokee II's - Tony Condon
Morelli - Morelli gang from Lawrenceville, IL
Duster - Bob Holliday
Std. Cirrus - Harry Clayton
Schweizer 1-21 - Jim Short
SHK - Scott from Norman, OK

I think thats about it for now. Hopefully a few more will show up tomorrow.

I got a 25 minute flight in 373Y with a 200 foot gain.  Pete VonTresckow came down from Madison and we were hoping to get him up in 4653T.  Unfortunately he does not fit so instead he flew 373Y!  Had  a great flight, also about 25 minutes. I'll have to get him to post a report when he gets a chance.

Here are a few pictures.

Jim's 1-21 and Neal's Ka6Cr

1-21, Ka6CR, and Cherokee II

Vintage Pilots

373Y after a nice day of flying

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