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Monday, September 27, 2010

More VSA pictures

Jim Short's 1-21 and Dave Schuur's Ka-6E

Scott William's SHK. What a gorgeous glider!

My Cherokee, Leah's Cherokee, and Neal Pfeiffer's Ka-6E. The Morelli is hiding behind my Cherokee.

Morelli starting to be derigged Sunday

On Saturday after the rain we flew some free flight models. Here Robert Pfeiffer launches a model while I watch. In the background Steve Leonard is about to launch his towline model.  We had a ton of fun flying these models until sunset.

Flying on Saturday was decent early but an approaching cold front shut things down by mid afternoon with solid overcast skies. I did a couple of orientation flights in the 2-33 and then launched in 373Y. By the time I launched it was pretty much solid overcast but I did manage to finda  few nibbles of lift. I gaggled briefly with Lee in the ASK-18 and Jim in the 1-21.  Should've stayed with them as I set out to find something else but they stuck with it and climbed up.  I landed and by then it was time to start loading glider in the hangars as rain was coming. 

Sunday was low overcast in the morning so we spent the morning getting the visiting gliders loaded in trailers and saying goodbyes.  I did end up giving an intro flight in the 2-33 in the afternoon which lasted an hour.  Bob Holliday had a good flight in his Duster and Matt C got out the club Ka-6Cr and managed a 2 hour flight.  Both of those guys were pretty cold when they landed!

I got Pete off to the airport and then Matt and I put 373Y in the trailer.  It was a great weekend!

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