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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Back to Work

Leah and I had a nice Christmas break which included plenty of traveling.  Didn't get out in the garage much last week but last weekend our friend Matt came down to visit.  He started a welcome crusade against clutter in the garage and by the time he left on Tuesday morning the place was totally cleaned and organized. Thanks Matt!

Can't remember if I put anything up here but Matt G and I ( was me) managed to break the existing rib that goes through the middle of the airbrake area before Christmas.  Additionally, while walking around the garage on Sunday I managed to bump into the exposed ribs on the right wing and broke two.  One was a new false rib and the other was an original full size rib (which I wasn't planning on replacing)

Last night Matt G came over to help and we worked on further destruction to get the newly broken stuff removed.  With some careful chisel work we managed to get everything removed and preserve it all pretty well so hopefully we can use them for patterns for the new pieces.

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