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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

VSA Prep and 53T Update

The VSA Rally in Wichita is coming up at the end of the month and of course there are a few things I'd like to get done on 3Y before the date.  I ordered a quart of Daytona White from Stewarts to do some touchup painting.  There are several spots on the glider where I made small patches and only have the gray Ekofill showing and I'd like to try to get the glider all one color for the rally.  So hopefully late this week I'll be setting things up for shooting paint.

I'll also probably have the NG-1 out there too and it can use some TLC in a few places after a season of trips in and out of the trailer.

Third, Leah and I will be giving a talk about flying in the contest with YYY, so I need to get prepared for that.

On the subject of 53T I have actually managed to get some work done on it lately.  Nothing too monumental but I've spent a few evening replacing the control cable pulleys.  Right now the only thing left in the fuselage is the aileron cables and the airbrake.  In the wings I need to get the bellcranks for the ailerons cleaned up and reinstalled and replace the airbrake pulleys.  So hopefully sometime in the near future I truly will be ready to replace the cables!

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