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Monday, June 28, 2010

Update and In Flight Pictures

Well Jerry and I (mostly Jerry) put a couple days work in on the trailer last week and it is ready for the road.  A new hitch is welded in place and the new Flexride axle is welded and bolted in.  The trailer pulls nicely and I'm going to work this week on setting up the brakes.  I also have some more metal work to do on the trailer to avoid having a bit of a draft as the front frame is not quite as straight as it used to be and the aluminum plate across the front of the trailer suffered from some buckling in the tip over.  But it's looking like the trailer will be ready for Kowbell.

This week Mon-Thurs I'll spend making sure the glider is ready to go for the weekend and doing any work I can to improve the trailer.  I need to assess any trailer rash suffered while 373Y was riding in 4653T's trailer and make repairs/do touch up as needed.  The only thing I really know of is a small patch needed on the left aileron and some scratches on the vertical stabilizer.

Chris Uhl sent me an email last week with a link to some pictures he took while we were in Marfa.  He got some really great air to air shots of the Cherokee.  He and Matt Michael were flying Burt's L-23 Blanik and got some nice shots of me in 373Y as well as Burt in his Open Cirrus.  Here is my favorite.

That is burt on the left in the Cirrus.  These pictures were taken on the day of my 6 hr flight.  Another nice shot of 373Y:

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